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Mar 15, 2017

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radio. "I know there's people talking about the punishment and the timing, just get rid of them. They're juveniles, they don't belong, and it's got nothing to do with the sport, to be honest." Sydney raised itself above that controversy on Friday with a comprehensive win over Melbourne City which briefly took it 11 points clear in first place. Melbourne Victory restored the gap to eight points when it beat defending champion Adelaide United 2-1, and Perth moved ahead of City into third place when it beat the Wanderers 2-0. Bobo opened Sydney's scoring with a penalty, but City canceled that out only a minute later. Sydney went in front again after the break, and Bobo sealed the win, set up by a superb through ball by Milos Ninkovic which highlighted their developing combination. Midfielder Brandon O'Neil said Sydney was determined to leave behind the contention of their derby loss. "When it all came out, the FFA and Western Sydney had to deal with it and it did," O'Neil said. "It brought us together and we spoke about a few things, and nothing changed for us.